Mission Statement

A church advancing the kingdom of God through the spreading of the gospel message and compassionate ministries to empower a generation.

Vision Statement

A Church Evolving to become Effective to meet the needs of an Ever-Changing Generation.  How?
  1. Educate the Mind
  2. Evangelizing the Lost
  3. Engaging in Ministry & Missions
  4. Economic Empowerment


Impact of P. T. L.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Waco NC

The church will learn a very simple principle within the ministry. “P.T.L”.  We must learn to Preach the gospel. Teach the people and Love them unconditionally! This keeps us (the church) focused upon both the mandate and charge that has been placed upon us (the church).  

God still has an assignment as well as a purpose for all of us.  If a church is going to withstand, it must be founded upon four pillars.

1. Fellowship (koinonia)

2. Worship (liturgy)

3. Teaching (kerygma)

4. Service (diakonia)

Too often we see some of these characteristics in the church but not all.  The disciples who are now operating under the power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit have moved into an Apostolic charge.